Maximum coverage for minimum price!

This is my favorite drug store product by far!! Revlon photo ready foundation is amazing. It can give you a medium to max coverage depending on how much you use. I compared this product to makeup forever HD foundation and it is nearly the same! Of course the best quality makeup is always more expensive, but with Revlon photo ready you can get that expensive look without breaking your budget! Makeup forever HD foundation will run you about 45 dollars as oppose to Revlon running at about 10 dollars. If you aren’t willing to splurge on your makeup this is without a doubt the best foundation. I encourage you all to try this product, you won’t regret it!
Laura 💋

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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

3 thoughts on “Maximum coverage for minimum price!”

  1. I have been looking for a new, great foundation that wouldn’t break the bank. I will definitely be trying this out! Thank you and good luck with the blog!!


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