Define Those Eyes

From a smokey eye to cats eyes these two products are my favorite eyeliners! They are both maybelline products, and so inexpensive! I am all about saving a buck, but not if the quality of the product is compromised! I can assure you all that these two eyeliners are above and beyond! I prefer the eye studio that is applied with a brush. The eye studio has a very smooth texture that glides right on the eye. The master precise is a liquid pen. Some people find a pen easier to apply than a brush. Eyeliner is such an easy way to make eyes POP! No matter what look you are going for I urge you to try these products to enhance your eyes! Both products can be found at any drug store, target, or Walmart. Happy eye lining dolls!
Laura 💋

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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

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