Barely There…

With summer right around the corner, a barely there post is a must! It’s a super runway trend right now and so easy to accomplish. First, pick a great foundation with SPF in it. I personally love Benefit Hello Flawless, it’s super light and contains SPF 25. After the foundation apply powder, whatever powder you love will be perfect. This may not be the foundation for you, just make sure it has the coverage and SPF you want. I stress the SPF because it’s a great makeup to wear to the beach or even a pool party! If you are blessed with completely even skin, AMEN, you can forgo this step and just use a moisturizer with SPF. Next, apply concealer as you normally do. I use my concealer under my eyes to brighten them up. Third, choose an eyeshadow that has a gold tint to it. When you apply the eyeshadow pat it all over the eye lid, patting prevents you from applying too much. Now you are ready for liner, I use a black liner and again pat it right against the lash line. The goal here is to just darker your lash line, you don’t want an eyeliner line. Then, hit your lashes with your favorite mascara! Lastly, apply your bronzer and blush as you normally do and give your lips a glow with a nude gloss. Also, with a quick switch of lip color you can be ready for a night on the town or a dinner with the girls! This is so simple and a great way to wear makeup in the summer without feeling too hot and smothered. ! 


Laura 💋

 Summer ready!!

A look at the eye lids…  
Want to go out? Switch your part and put on a bolder lip 💋  

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