With summer right around the corner I’m really excited to share my favorite trends! There are so many fun things going on and the pop of color liner is one of my favorites! Yes ladies… BLUE is back! This trend turns any eye into something fun and flirty! The color possibilities are really endless! You can use any color you like, I chose to use blue today. I also really LOVE bright orange! I used a sephora liquid liner on the top lash line, and extended it out to a wing! Let’s be honest, I really love a wing! You can also use the color liner on the bottom inside the eye on the tear line! I urge you to go get some colored liners this summer and work it! I can’t wait to see some bright summer eyes! #lnhface 


Laura 💋   


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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

3 thoughts on “POP OF COLOR”

  1. You and those gorgeous brown eyes can pull of any color! Do you think us light eye girls can wear any color, too? Come to Dallas and test on my blue eyes friend and me (green eyes)!!! 🙂


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