Summer Contour

Contouring is a trend that has been around forever! However, with hotter months arriving such a harsh contour is not what you want. I am not saying don’t contour this summer, I’m saying do a lighter version. Blending is totally the key to success in this look. My most favorite contour products are the Tarte contour stick and the Anastsia Beverly Hills powder contour kit. Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are what you wanna hit. Do no do it too dark, you want an evenly blended soft shadow. HARSH LINES ARE A NO MAM!  The goal is to make your bones pop! Doing a super dark line will have you looking more like a drag queen than a summer goddess! Nothing wrong with drag queens, I adore them! Ladies, we just have a more delicate face that doesn’t require all that! Less is more in this look, the powder is dark so you do not have to go over and over in the same spot. A glowing face is your goal. Also, don’t get discouraged makeup application gets better with practice. Take time to try different things and  you will be a pro in no time! Love you my fabulous dolls! 


Laura 💋

The products….. 



Light contour example: 


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2 thoughts on “Summer Contour”

  1. I LOVE everything you put on this sight!!! You need to put some tips for us mom’s to try to make us look younger!!! HELP PLEASE! Hugs my sweet Laura!!!! XOXO


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