Summer nights 

Summer is here ladies and I’m so excited. Summer nights can be tragically hot and sweaty, but you still want to look fabulous. (Or at least I do) When I go out I want to look glamorous and done up, but with summer heat… lots of makeup doesn’t mix. I know that I leave my house feeling great then look in a mirror 2 hours later and see sweat marks, eyeliner running, and just so freaking hot from all the makeup! Well, I think this look is an amazing way to feel super glamourous and not so heavy! The key and most important part of this look is EYELASHES!!! I personally use just false strip lashes, but lash extensions are so amazing to have during summer. Some eyes don’t react well to extensions and certain glues. I happen to be one of those girls who can’t have extensions. My eyes just aren’t trying to have it… RUDE. Ok, so for this look it only takes minutes.. Maybe longer for people who aren’t use to applying false lashes. First step to summer skin, always start with a clean face and SPF moisturizer. Then I applied a BB cream with SPF. I personally used the Too Faced Buffed BB cream, but whatever you prefer will be just fine. I stress SPF because you don’t want a leather face, I promise you will still tan with a SPF! Then, I started on my eyes, just apply a light color over the entire lid and a golden bronze color to crease. You do not want to make it dark, stay away from dark shimmer colors. The effect you’re trying to accomplish is fresh! Then, I applied my false lashes to my top lash line. You will not need eyeliner for this look. Let your lashes dry and then apply a little mascara just to fluff them up even more! I put mascara on my bottom lashes and a white pencil liner to the water line. Applying white or nude to the inside bottom water line creates a fabulous look.. So bright! Lastly, I put concealer under my eyes to cover the dark circles! After you have finished, go all over your face with a shimmery bronzer and blush. Literally any lip color would work with these eyes, but I chose a nude. Please go get some lashes this summer ladies, if you don’t want to spend money on extensions go for the false strip lash. You can find false eyelashes at any drugstore for a great price. If you do chose the strip lash, make sure they are the full ones. Please go get you some lashes and try this look! I look forward to seeing all of your pictures! Happy summer dolls…


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

The total look….  
The complete look in different lighting.. 

 The close up…. 

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