Strobing This Summer

The strobing trend has taken off this summer with a bang! From runway models, to magazine covers, to movie stars… Everyone is in agreement, strobing is HOT! It’s a lot like contouring, but instead of using a darker shade to outline the face use a highlighter. High lite the places the sun hits your face naturally. You want to focus on the cheek bones, nose, brow bone, forehead, and chin. I also like to add a little bit the the inside corner of my eyes. It’s so easy you have to try it. I like to mix a liquid highlighter with my tinted moisturizer. This is what you will use to “highlight your zoned areas”. Start with a clean moisturized face, add your favorite primer and apply your foundation as you normally do. Then, take the highliter mixture and dap it in the zoned areas with a beauty blender or sponge. You can go as dewy as you want with it. I like to stick with just a bright face, not a dripping wet oily face ( hey whatever floats your boat though). When you are finish you are left with the freshest summer face and you will absolutely love it! Try it out ladies it’s so simple! Tag me in your pictures dolls. 

Laura 💋 #lnhface 

Final Look: 

 Look front the side:

 Detail products used: Too Faced Beauty Balm: Nude Glow, Elf liquid highlighter: Pastel Petal , Makeup Forever HD Foundation: 125 

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