Let’s Bake! 

Ok ladies, let’s bake! Baking or “cooking” your face has been around for ages. This technique has been perfected by drag queens and all celebrity makeup artists. It is a fantastic way to highlite and bring out cheek bones you never knew you had! It’s very simple and only takes three products. The key focus points in baking are under the eyes and the lower cheek. First, you apply your makeup the way you want, leaving the under eyes bare. After completely finishing your eyes, you go in under the eyes with concealer. I like to use a lighter concealer, it’s better for the over all look. The concealer needs to be applied under the eyes in an upside down triangle. Blend the concealer with a beauty blender and then set it with powder. After your concealer is set, you want to take a water primer and spray a wedged sponge; then you dip the wet sponge in powder and apply under the eyes and on the lower cheek. 

 After this is set, leave the powder for a while, the longer the better. I usually do my hair during this time. This is the “baking” or “cooking” process, it allows time for the powder to mix with the natural oils in your skin. Next, you brush the excess powder off with a brush. You are left with amazing highlite and high fashion cheek bones!  


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

 List of products I love most: Tarte, crease less concealer; NYX HD Studio photogenic finishing powder; smashbox photo finish primer water.  

 Also a picture of Julianna because she’s amazing!  


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