Lash Love

I love to wear false lashes, they make my eyes pop! Fake eyelashes are fabulous, but not always practical. I have searched high and low trying so many mascaras to achieve a fuller, longer, darker lash. I love lots of mascaras, but I was hearing all these great things about fiber lashes. I have never tried a fiber lash until now! I used the younique brand fiber lash mascara. It comes in a really cool black case with two products. First, you apply the moonstruck transplanting gel. Next, you add the moonstruck natural fibers! I will be honest and say it will take some practice to perfect the application. Practice makes perfect ladies! You are left with long full lashes, obviously you aren’t ever going to get the fullness you get with a false lash, but these fibers are pretty darn close! Here’s some facts about this super cool products that might make you even more interested: all natural, paraben free, carcinogen free, chemical free, organic, cruelty free, gluten free, and hypoallergenic. Ladies, find yourself a local younique consultant and order this fabulous product.


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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

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