Fall Favs

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors.. Or at least that’s what is suppose to happen in fall. Where I live that’s not the case, but I can certainly change my look according to the seasons. Fall is one of my favorite season as far as makeup goes… lips, nails, and hair get darker and darker! My fall favorites are the basic essentials to a perfect fall face! Starting with the eyes, all you will need is the “Eyes are the Window” pallet by Stilla. The color pallet I chose is the “mind” pallet. It has all the perfect fall colors. Orange eye shadow is huge this season, and this pallet has the warmest, richest orange color that I die for! Also, the Morphe 350 pallet is amazing, it just sells out so fast. As the leaves change, so should your lip stick color. I am in love with Mac- Sin and Julie Hewell- coco noir. I especially love to mix these two shades, darker on the outside and the lighter to fill in the center. Blush is one of my favorite products, I am a bit blush obsessed. My favorite fall blush is Mac-fleur power, it’s the perfect mixture of red and pink. I always like to say, ” when in doubt, add more blush!” Lastly, I think every person should invest in a contour pallet of some kind. You can opt for the super expensive kind or you can get the NYX Contour pro pallet – hcpp01. Ladies this pallet is so amazing and I think it’s like 20 dollars! How amazing! I really hope you enjoy and try some of these products.. Happy fall y’all!


Laura #lnhface  

Fall face example!   

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