Cannot Live Without…

I try new products all the time. Trying new products keep me up to date with all things new. Trying products is so fun, but can get super pricy…so, let me do it for you! I have found 5 new products that I am obsessed with. I honestly don’t know how I lived before using them. First,  I will start with concealer:  

 NYX color correcting concealer and Urban Decay Naked Skin. The NYX color correction concealer is absolutely amazing. I have redness around my nose and the green color conceals it perfectly. If you have any discoloration on your face I highly recommend this concealer. It’s affordable and affective. The yellow corrects dark under eyes on dark skin, the green corrects redness, the purple corrects yellow (great for bruises), the pink corrects dark under eyes for fair skin, and the bottom two are normal concealing and contouring colors. The naked skin concealer gives you a perfect conceal with brightness. It’s a very light weight concealer and works so great for the cooking method and contouring. It leaves your face with a bright fresh look. I am completely obsessed! Second, my new favorite foundation and brush:  

 The foundation is Tarte Amazonian Clay and the brush is the Tarte foundation buffer. These two together are seriously a magic wand. The foundation sounds scary, but it is a full coverage light weight product. The buffing brush makes it look so seamless and perfect. How I lived before these two, I’ll never know! Third, is this AMAZING CONTOUR BRUSH: 

 This brush is The Artis Oval Brush, and it is everything! It is the best brush for blending out a contour. I always tell my clients the key to a contour is the flawless blend! I can promise you this brush is the answer to all of your contour prayers! All of the products except the oval brush can be found at Ulta or on the brands websites. The oval brush can be found at

All products used to create today’s fresh look!  


Laura #lnhface  




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  1. I love your posts😇 I was telling some of my colleagues about you and we are interested in a class . It’s 4 ladies , I’m just needing to know the price for that , let me know if you still do classes . Thanks a bunch


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