Out of Date

Ladies, did you know that makeup has an expiration date? All makeup and lotions in fact do. There can be serious problems using old makeup, anything from breakouts to eye irritations. It’s important to keep an eye on your products to make sure they are up to date. It’s so simple to see how long a product lasts. Most products, if not all, have a label with an open container symbol with a number inside. The number signifies the number of months the product is good for. I cannot stress the importance of keeping up with this. I know makeup can get expensive and you want it to last as long as possible. The truth is, when the makeup is out of date it doesn’t do its job correctly anymore. Always look for your makeups expiration and remember it’s the number of months!  


Laura 💋 #lnhface  

Example: this powder is good for 24months…. 


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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

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