Makeover ❤️

This post my seem odd, but it’s important to me. I was reluctant, but then I heard the voice of my cousin saying “Laura who cares what people say!” I give tips, tricks, and my opinions on makeup and trends. Today I felt compelled to write about a makeup of a different sort, the makeup of myself. I have been on a journey for a while now to become the best version of myself. During this time there has been a lot of hurt and a lot of happiness. I have made many mistakes during my lifetime and I will never be free from that because I am a human being. We are sinful people and no matter how good we become within ourselves, mistakes will always happen. I use to be a person that dwelled on mistakes and stayed in that place. I never forgave myself or let things go. It took a toll on me, I became so sad. I convinced myself that I was unloveable and a bad person. I let the things people would say about me define me. I was so insecure, sad, and angry. I would relive every single thing that hurt me, keeping it fresh. I never let things go and I was ALWAYS in a defensive mode just ready to strike back. What a terrible way to live, but this was my life. I shut down and closed myself off, never allowed anyone to get too close for the fear of being mocked or hurt. I began to see just what a sad and lonely place I was in. One day, I decided to take charge of my life. I am not kidding when I say that either, I literally woke up one day and told myself “Laura get real, there is so much to be grateful for! You are such a brat!” I was so tired of crying and feeling this way, it was so exhausting! I knew there had to be more to life, there was no way I could live that way forever. I began to throw myself into the bible and my makeup endeavors. I was always a person who believed in God and prayed, but I never had a relationship with God that was life changing. My prayers became more specific and I would thank God for all the good in my life. I began giving my mornings to read the word and journal my thoughts and feelings. I confessed my wrongs and began to accept those wrongs. I FINALLY FORGAVE MYSELF. People make mistakes and it’s ok. I’m telling you things turned around almost immediately. I began to see that I was so worthy. Instead of being defensive I began to see the good in people. Now don’t get me wrong, my feelings still get hurt, I have the softest heart. The thing that’s changed is how I deal with those hurt feelings. Things are simple now, surrounding myself with only the positive things in life.  My makeup is also another key to my process. It is something I’m good at, it makes me feel useful. Through makeup I’ve met so many people who are amazing and sweet. I began to see just how many people are rooting for me to succeed! Makeup has always been a passion and dream of mine. I will continue to push the boundaries, there is no limit to my makeup dreams! Thank you to my family and friends for the constant support and loving me through this process. I thought it was important to share my story, because I’m in such a good place now. I know there are many people who struggle with depression or insecurities. I’m just a testimony to let you know that it gets better and everything will be ok! I have officially made over my SOUL, I’m so grateful. ❤️ here’s to a brighter life!


Laura 💋

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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

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