Legacy of Love

When I got the news that my cousin Bill had died I was in shock. We knew this day would come, as he was diagnosed with cancer, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. We didn’t get enough time, there is never enough time when you lose loved ones. I keep replaying him wishing me a happy birthday, “happy very belated birthday my beautiful cousin”, those were his last words to me. There has been an outpour of love from others and reading what people have to say about him is amazing. This is no surprise because Bill was truly an amazing man. He ran an important business and lived an important life. He lived his life serving others, enjoying moments, and most importantly loving God and family with his whole heart. Family was so important to him, which is a character trait he was taught by his father. Both men stressed the importance of love and family. When i say family I don’t just mean blood, i mean friends as well. Bill lived his life purpose and he did it with such grace. Although losing loved ones is never easy, it’s a perfect time for self reflection. As I reflect on myself I know that I need to do better, be better. When a friend is on your mind, make the effort to pick up the phone and call. Relationships take effort and things happen, it’s important to always be compassionate, be kind, and forgive. Let people know how you are feeling, no one can read your mind. The truth is we do not get unlimited chances, our life is indeed on a timer. Start making choices that make yourself proud, stop seeking others approval. As the sun rises, vow to do your best and work harder. I can’t help but ask myself what type of legacy I would leave behind? My hope is that I can do better and continue the Hearn legacy of love. RIP Bill ❤️

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Small town girl, trying to make it big in the makeup world.

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