Cannot Live Without…

I try new products all the time. Trying new products keep me up to date with all things new. Trying products is so fun, but can get super pricy…so, let me do it for you! I have found 5 new products that I am obsessed with. I honestly don’t know how I lived before using them. First,  I will start with concealer:  

 NYX color correcting concealer and Urban Decay Naked Skin. The NYX color correction concealer is absolutely amazing. I have redness around my nose and the green color conceals it perfectly. If you have any discoloration on your face I highly recommend this concealer. It’s affordable and affective. The yellow corrects dark under eyes on dark skin, the green corrects redness, the purple corrects yellow (great for bruises), the pink corrects dark under eyes for fair skin, and the bottom two are normal concealing and contouring colors. The naked skin concealer gives you a perfect conceal with brightness. It’s a very light weight concealer and works so great for the cooking method and contouring. It leaves your face with a bright fresh look. I am completely obsessed! Second, my new favorite foundation and brush:  

 The foundation is Tarte Amazonian Clay and the brush is the Tarte foundation buffer. These two together are seriously a magic wand. The foundation sounds scary, but it is a full coverage light weight product. The buffing brush makes it look so seamless and perfect. How I lived before these two, I’ll never know! Third, is this AMAZING CONTOUR BRUSH: 

 This brush is The Artis Oval Brush, and it is everything! It is the best brush for blending out a contour. I always tell my clients the key to a contour is the flawless blend! I can promise you this brush is the answer to all of your contour prayers! All of the products except the oval brush can be found at Ulta or on the brands websites. The oval brush can be found at

All products used to create today’s fresh look!  


Laura #lnhface  




Fall Favs

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors.. Or at least that’s what is suppose to happen in fall. Where I live that’s not the case, but I can certainly change my look according to the seasons. Fall is one of my favorite season as far as makeup goes… lips, nails, and hair get darker and darker! My fall favorites are the basic essentials to a perfect fall face! Starting with the eyes, all you will need is the “Eyes are the Window” pallet by Stilla. The color pallet I chose is the “mind” pallet. It has all the perfect fall colors. Orange eye shadow is huge this season, and this pallet has the warmest, richest orange color that I die for! Also, the Morphe 350 pallet is amazing, it just sells out so fast. As the leaves change, so should your lip stick color. I am in love with Mac- Sin and Julie Hewell- coco noir. I especially love to mix these two shades, darker on the outside and the lighter to fill in the center. Blush is one of my favorite products, I am a bit blush obsessed. My favorite fall blush is Mac-fleur power, it’s the perfect mixture of red and pink. I always like to say, ” when in doubt, add more blush!” Lastly, I think every person should invest in a contour pallet of some kind. You can opt for the super expensive kind or you can get the NYX Contour pro pallet – hcpp01. Ladies this pallet is so amazing and I think it’s like 20 dollars! How amazing! I really hope you enjoy and try some of these products.. Happy fall y’all!


Laura #lnhface  

Fall face example!   

Lash Love

I love to wear false lashes, they make my eyes pop! Fake eyelashes are fabulous, but not always practical. I have searched high and low trying so many mascaras to achieve a fuller, longer, darker lash. I love lots of mascaras, but I was hearing all these great things about fiber lashes. I have never tried a fiber lash until now! I used the younique brand fiber lash mascara. It comes in a really cool black case with two products. First, you apply the moonstruck transplanting gel. Next, you add the moonstruck natural fibers! I will be honest and say it will take some practice to perfect the application. Practice makes perfect ladies! You are left with long full lashes, obviously you aren’t ever going to get the fullness you get with a false lash, but these fibers are pretty darn close! Here’s some facts about this super cool products that might make you even more interested: all natural, paraben free, carcinogen free, chemical free, organic, cruelty free, gluten free, and hypoallergenic. Ladies, find yourself a local younique consultant and order this fabulous product.


Let’s Bake! 

Ok ladies, let’s bake! Baking or “cooking” your face has been around for ages. This technique has been perfected by drag queens and all celebrity makeup artists. It is a fantastic way to highlite and bring out cheek bones you never knew you had! It’s very simple and only takes three products. The key focus points in baking are under the eyes and the lower cheek. First, you apply your makeup the way you want, leaving the under eyes bare. After completely finishing your eyes, you go in under the eyes with concealer. I like to use a lighter concealer, it’s better for the over all look. The concealer needs to be applied under the eyes in an upside down triangle. Blend the concealer with a beauty blender and then set it with powder. After your concealer is set, you want to take a water primer and spray a wedged sponge; then you dip the wet sponge in powder and apply under the eyes and on the lower cheek. 

 After this is set, leave the powder for a while, the longer the better. I usually do my hair during this time. This is the “baking” or “cooking” process, it allows time for the powder to mix with the natural oils in your skin. Next, you brush the excess powder off with a brush. You are left with amazing highlite and high fashion cheek bones!  


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

 List of products I love most: Tarte, crease less concealer; NYX HD Studio photogenic finishing powder; smashbox photo finish primer water.  

 Also a picture of Julianna because she’s amazing!  


Strobing This Summer

The strobing trend has taken off this summer with a bang! From runway models, to magazine covers, to movie stars… Everyone is in agreement, strobing is HOT! It’s a lot like contouring, but instead of using a darker shade to outline the face use a highlighter. High lite the places the sun hits your face naturally. You want to focus on the cheek bones, nose, brow bone, forehead, and chin. I also like to add a little bit the the inside corner of my eyes. It’s so easy you have to try it. I like to mix a liquid highlighter with my tinted moisturizer. This is what you will use to “highlight your zoned areas”. Start with a clean moisturized face, add your favorite primer and apply your foundation as you normally do. Then, take the highliter mixture and dap it in the zoned areas with a beauty blender or sponge. You can go as dewy as you want with it. I like to stick with just a bright face, not a dripping wet oily face ( hey whatever floats your boat though). When you are finish you are left with the freshest summer face and you will absolutely love it! Try it out ladies it’s so simple! Tag me in your pictures dolls. 

Laura 💋 #lnhface 

Final Look: 

 Look front the side:

 Detail products used: Too Faced Beauty Balm: Nude Glow, Elf liquid highlighter: Pastel Petal , Makeup Forever HD Foundation: 125 

No makeup, makeup

The no makeup look is super popular this summer. I don’t know about yall, but I need makeup to achieve this look. Sounds so silly, but my skin isn’t even. I take care of my skin so it is clear, but I have discoloration! I have redness around my nose and some mornings my eyes are puffy and darker! I promise all of you, when you see this look on actresses and models they have on makeup too. Of course, start with a clean and fresh face. Foundation, concealer, and bronzer…. Just like that…. Flawless no makeup look! Completely even skin, with a bright glow! Moisturizer all over, the use a beauty blender to pat on foundation of your choice. Next, conceal under your eyes. Set the entire face with loose powder and hit the cheeks with bronzer. I also like to put clear eye drops in my eyes to make them clear and not so red. (That’s one of my favorite tricks) It brightens up your eyes and makes you look so fresh! Lastly, moisturizer your lips with a chap stick or Vaseline! Hope to see this trend on all you lovelies at some point this summer! 


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

My take on this trend…  

Models love this look…. 


Summer Red

Most people think that red is a winter color, but I’m here to tell everyone that red can be worn in the summer too. It can be done wrong and I’m posting this to help each of you figure out the red lip trend. The difference between winter red and summer red is skin and eyes. In the winter you can wear red lips with a full on smokey eye. During the summer it’s all about skin! Prep your face with a delicious moisturizer, I love oil of Olay. Next, find yourself a tinted moisturizer, I personally use Too Faced beauty balm in nude glow. Then, with a beauty blender or sponge pat on foundation or a BB cream. I went for the Marcelle BB cream in golden glow. You may want to use foundation if you are wanting a heavier coverage. I know you may be thinking that is so much on your face, but each product is meant to be used lightly. I let each product dry completely before applying the next. After your face is done, use a shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, line the top of the eye with a black liner. Try to keep it thin if you are using a liquid liner and if using a pencil use it lightly and smudge it. Apply lots of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Next step is concealer, I concealed under my eyes with makeup forever concealer in number 6. Then, I used a bronzer with shimmer on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Bronzing these areas give you a glow! When the sun hits your face, you appear to have glowing skin! I am in love with shimmery bronzer during the summer. My favorite bronzer during the summer is NARS in Laguna. Finally, brush your lips lightly with concealer. Then choose your red, my favorite red is Mac Ruby Woo. I think matte red looks better than anything else. Please try out this trend and tag me!  I cannot wait to see all you beautiful ladies rocking the summer red lips! 


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

Different lighting……   
The gorgeous chloe moretz!   

Summer nights 

Summer is here ladies and I’m so excited. Summer nights can be tragically hot and sweaty, but you still want to look fabulous. (Or at least I do) When I go out I want to look glamorous and done up, but with summer heat… lots of makeup doesn’t mix. I know that I leave my house feeling great then look in a mirror 2 hours later and see sweat marks, eyeliner running, and just so freaking hot from all the makeup! Well, I think this look is an amazing way to feel super glamourous and not so heavy! The key and most important part of this look is EYELASHES!!! I personally use just false strip lashes, but lash extensions are so amazing to have during summer. Some eyes don’t react well to extensions and certain glues. I happen to be one of those girls who can’t have extensions. My eyes just aren’t trying to have it… RUDE. Ok, so for this look it only takes minutes.. Maybe longer for people who aren’t use to applying false lashes. First step to summer skin, always start with a clean face and SPF moisturizer. Then I applied a BB cream with SPF. I personally used the Too Faced Buffed BB cream, but whatever you prefer will be just fine. I stress SPF because you don’t want a leather face, I promise you will still tan with a SPF! Then, I started on my eyes, just apply a light color over the entire lid and a golden bronze color to crease. You do not want to make it dark, stay away from dark shimmer colors. The effect you’re trying to accomplish is fresh! Then, I applied my false lashes to my top lash line. You will not need eyeliner for this look. Let your lashes dry and then apply a little mascara just to fluff them up even more! I put mascara on my bottom lashes and a white pencil liner to the water line. Applying white or nude to the inside bottom water line creates a fabulous look.. So bright! Lastly, I put concealer under my eyes to cover the dark circles! After you have finished, go all over your face with a shimmery bronzer and blush. Literally any lip color would work with these eyes, but I chose a nude. Please go get some lashes this summer ladies, if you don’t want to spend money on extensions go for the false strip lash. You can find false eyelashes at any drugstore for a great price. If you do chose the strip lash, make sure they are the full ones. Please go get you some lashes and try this look! I look forward to seeing all of your pictures! Happy summer dolls…


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

The total look….  
The complete look in different lighting.. 

 The close up…. 

Summer Contour

Contouring is a trend that has been around forever! However, with hotter months arriving such a harsh contour is not what you want. I am not saying don’t contour this summer, I’m saying do a lighter version. Blending is totally the key to success in this look. My most favorite contour products are the Tarte contour stick and the Anastsia Beverly Hills powder contour kit. Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are what you wanna hit. Do no do it too dark, you want an evenly blended soft shadow. HARSH LINES ARE A NO MAM!  The goal is to make your bones pop! Doing a super dark line will have you looking more like a drag queen than a summer goddess! Nothing wrong with drag queens, I adore them! Ladies, we just have a more delicate face that doesn’t require all that! Less is more in this look, the powder is dark so you do not have to go over and over in the same spot. A glowing face is your goal. Also, don’t get discouraged makeup application gets better with practice. Take time to try different things and  you will be a pro in no time! Love you my fabulous dolls! 


Laura 💋

The products….. 



Light contour example: