New Year, New me….


As the new year begins, I started thinking of new ways to improve not only myself, but my product, my blog! I want to give my readers the best I have, something you can really look forward to reading each week.  With that being said,  I’ve got lots of things I am going to try. Not only am I going to give you tips about makeup, but I’m going to discuss fashion, hair, and even nail trends tool!  I love my hairdresser and all of her techniques, so she will be a guest writer every month with tips and topics you will LOVE!  I will also be covering fashion week in February, discussing my favorite pieces and shows.  Makeup is such a huge part of fashion week and I just adore it!  I love each of my readers and I look forward to making 2015 my year! If there is anything you would love to see or read about please comment below, give me your input on things you want to see! I am also working close with a friend on my website for makeup booking made easy!  I cannot wait for that, book your appointment with one click!  I love you dolls! Here’s to making 2015 the best year ever!



Fall Lips

Lips really finish a look. I love a bold lip during the fall, and dark lips are all the rage right now! Let me just go ahead and say EVERYONE AND ANYONE can pull this lip off! Stop telling yourself you can’t and just do it, you will not regret it! Most people say if you do a bold eye, no bold lip.. I say NOPE! Do whatever your beautiful heart desires! Play around with smokey eyes and bold lips, simple eyes and bold lips. This fall I have four go to lip colors. First color is smoked purple, this color is everything! It’s a super bold statement and I’m obsessed with it. It’s very very dark with a purple tint. The second color is twig. This color is a perfect standard nude with a little pop! This color is amazing for any time of day. The next color is matte red. What says holidays like a bold red!? Red is a classic color and looks great for holiday parties. Then last color is sin. This color really makes me feel important! I put it on and immediately feel like I can concur the world! If you are wanting to try out the dark look, but nervous.. This is the color for you! It’s dark, but has a maroon tint that comes through more that just dark! Ladies don’t ever forget your lip! Have a great holiday season and try on some lips my gorgeous dolls! All these colors can be found at Mac!
Laura 💋


Oh Holy Hair

With Christmas parties every other weekend I’m sure you are looking for that perfect hair product! I have found them!!! They are amazing and so easy to use! I know I usually post about magnificent cheap products, but these are a little more pricey! I hear a lot of women complain about their hair not holding a style or curls, complain no more my dolls! You always hear “dirty” hair is better to work with and style.. This is true, but not nasty dirty. Dirty your hair up with products before styling. I’ve been using four amazing products to “dirty” my hair before styling. They are Kenra products, thickening spray, texture spray, and working spray (flexible hold). I also use a cheap drugstore dry shampoo, it’s the Dove brand. First, with towel dried hair spray the thickening spray from root to ends. Blow dry your hair and then add some dry shampoo to the roots. Next, brush your hair out and spray in the texture spray. Then curl it or style to your liking! I like to use the Revlon 1.5 inch curling iron and then touch up with a 1 inch wand. When you are done curling or styling finish it with the working spray and vavoooom Victoria secret angel hair!!! Happy Holidays my dolls! Hair color and cut and all my hair advance come from Mallory Petry, she’s located at The Loft downtown Beaumont Texas! 😉
Laura 💋💁



Fa La La Lashes!

With Christmas just around the corner, I know everyone has plenty of holiday parties on their schedule! Whether it be a work party, family, or friends glamour is on your mind. It isn’t every day you get to dress up and with that being said.. Dress up your eyes! False eye lashes are an amazing way to make your eyes POP! My favorite lashes are Ardell and can be found at any drug store or online. If it’s something low key choose the accent lashes, just the right amount of pop!

If the occasion calls for more drama choose the full strip lashes…

Lashes are so much fun and so easy to apply! So when thinking about that perfect holiday attire, don’t neglect those eyes.. Dress them up with LASHES!!!

I am wearing the full strip lashes in this picture! Makes your eyes pop with excitement! Not only will you feel glamorous, but any picture you take your eyes will be thanking you!! Happy holidays my gorgeous dolls!!
Laura 💋

Holiday Eyes

The holidays are quickly approaching. The holidays bring many exciting and fun parties, so here’s my FAVORITE holiday eye. Olivia Palermo is my most favorite fashion icon, and her makeup is always on point! Here she’s wearing a bold smokey eye that can be accomplished by anyone!

She has brown eyes, but this classic look can be worn by any person with any eye color. She uses dark browns and heavy liner to achieve this smokey look. Most women think that a smokey eye can only be matched by a light lip! I couldn’t disagree more with that theory! It’s the holidays, bold eyes, bold lips, bold everything! Try different lips out with your bold eye! Be the hit of the party, and tag me in your holiday looks @laurahearn on Instagram, Laura Hearn on Facebook, @LNHearn on Twitter!!!! Happy holidays dolls!
Laura 💋

Holy Contour!


Ladies, I cannot express the love I have for this product. It’s the Anastasia contour kit. It can be ordered online at . It comes with six colors in a pallet and I just chose the lightest shade because I’m so pale right now! The colors are set for defining your face to perfection! Lots of people are scared of this technique because it looks like a lot of makeup. I can assure you this is the lightest makeup, it’s only powder no creams! Leaves your face smooth, light, and defined! It’s only 40 dollars for the entire pallet, and if you know makeup a good pallet can be so expensive. It is not hard to apply, I believe anyone can do it with a little guidance. Refer to my contour post to make things easier. I love you dolls, happy contouring
Laura 💋


Glasses and Makeup

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t glam yourself up! Use neutrals and browns to open up those eyes. Lots of mascara is a must, I think in all occasions. Glasses force people to look at your eyes, so don’t dull then down.. Do them up! Glasses can be glam, I encourage you to makeup your eyes next time you opt for specs!
Laura 💋

Love that brand!

Check out these products! Very affordable and so beautiful. Eyes, face, lips, they have it all! Anastasia Soare is the founder of the line and comes from California! She’s an eyebrow genius! She has a full celebrity list of clientele from Oprah to Penelope Cruz. Her products are slim to none and the contour pallets are my favorite thing ever. Lots of brow products I love as well. Check it out at ! Happy weekend dolls…
Laura 💋

Mix it up!

I’m loving the mixed patterns this fall!!! Do not be scared to mix it up, dots and stripes to flowers and plaid! I also love cheetah prints,throw on a stripe shirt w a cheetah print blazer! The possibilities with the fashion statement is so endless! It can be totally grunge or super classy! I encourage you beautiful ladies to get in your closet and start mixing it up!

Happy mixing dolls!!!
Laura 💋

Life is Short.

Yesterday morning I received some devastating news. It got me thinking about life and just how precious and short it really is. We are on this earth for only a certain about of time, so why not make the best of it. Let’s forgive and love instead of hate. When you are gone what is that hate worth? When you live a life of love and kindness people will remember that when you leave this earth. Take the time to really appreciate what’s in front of you. Be kind to people, give a helping hand, forgive, say I love you because you may never get a second chance to.
Laura 💋