I’m not there…yet.

I’m 31 years old, I don’t own a home, I’m not married, and I don’t have a children. Trust me when I say that can be the hardest thing to say out loud (or write down). When I take just a moment to look at how my life has played out thus far, it isn’t at all what I expected. As a teenager I thought I would have it all together by now. I thought I would have a loving husband, home, children running around, but I’m not there yet. I won’t lie, this reality has made me feel down and out many times. I can vividly remember crying and pleading with God to “just reveal my plan already”, I was so sick of waiting. I spent nights scanning the “perfect” social media relationships and found myself envious. What do those women have that I don’t? I hated running into people I hadn’t seen in a while because they always asked the same questions, you know the small talk questions like what do you do, where do you live, where’s your husband, do you have kids? I know these questions have never come from a mean place, but it use to get on my nerves. I would always think to myself how about we talk about all the things that make you feel insecure. Looking back, I can see how silly I was being. I was just so insecure the whole defense mechanism came into play. All along the answer was and still is so simple, I’m just not there yet. It’s taken years for me to be okay with that answer, but my life has drastically changed since I’ve accepted it. The thing is, God knows my hearts desires and will fulfill them in due time. Does that mean I sit back and “let go, let God”… HELL NO! You still have to work hard and take steps in the right direction, nothing is free. However, I have let go of the things that are out of my control. I’m so done questioning myself, because I am more than capable and completely lovable. The things I can control like how hard I work and becoming a better human being has taken the front seat in my life. I started a business from the ground up and that is something to be proud of, and I really am proud. No, I don’t own a home, but I do have a roof over my head. It’s a really precious roof too, I love where I live. No, I’m not married, but I’m being fiercely pursued by God each day and that is enough. No, I don’t have children, but I have two nephews and a niece who think their LuLu is the best. Just because your life isn’t exactly where you thought it would be, doesn’t mean it’s not a great life. When I stopped being envious and started thanking God for all the things I do have, I began to see just how much meaning my life has. Surround yourself with positive people, tell the people you love how you feel, have a drink, and take in every moment! I will forever be grateful for the journey even if I’m just not there yet.


💋 Laura

Legacy of Love

When I got the news that my cousin Bill had died I was in shock. We knew this day would come, as he was diagnosed with cancer, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. We didn’t get enough time, there is never enough time when you lose loved ones. I keep replaying him wishing me a happy birthday, “happy very belated birthday my beautiful cousin”, those were his last words to me. There has been an outpour of love from others and reading what people have to say about him is amazing. This is no surprise because Bill was truly an amazing man. He ran an important business and lived an important life. He lived his life serving others, enjoying moments, and most importantly loving God and family with his whole heart. Family was so important to him, which is a character trait he was taught by his father. Both men stressed the importance of love and family. When i say family I don’t just mean blood, i mean friends as well. Bill lived his life purpose and he did it with such grace. Although losing loved ones is never easy, it’s a perfect time for self reflection. As I reflect on myself I know that I need to do better, be better. When a friend is on your mind, make the effort to pick up the phone and call. Relationships take effort and things happen, it’s important to always be compassionate, be kind, and forgive. Let people know how you are feeling, no one can read your mind. The truth is we do not get unlimited chances, our life is indeed on a timer. Start making choices that make yourself proud, stop seeking others approval. As the sun rises, vow to do your best and work harder. I can’t help but ask myself what type of legacy I would leave behind? My hope is that I can do better and continue the Hearn legacy of love. RIP Bill ❤️

Fenty Beauty

I’ve recently been using the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter foundation by Rihanna and I love it. It comes in a wide range of colors, from the palest to darkest shade.  It is a very natural and lightweight makeup, but is buildable for full coverage. I like to apply it with a brush and blend it out with a sponge.  It leaves my face with such a smooth texture and my bronzer blends so well.  As much as I love this foundation I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin.  I have dry skin and by the end of the day I need to apply more power on my t zone. People who have combination skin could use this foundation, just make sure to set with a loose power.  Overall this product is great, I look forward to trying the entire line.


I am a summer time kind of girl and love having glowing skin.  One of my favorite things about summer is of course the tan! When I’m tan I like a natural beachy look for makeup. I love rosey sun kissed cheeks and nose, but the sun is so damaging to your skin.  I wish I would have started caring about my skin earlier in life, but it’s better to start later than not at all.  I always make sure to have sunscreen on my face, so it’s just natural that my face is never as dark as the rest of my body. I have found the solution to this, it’s a face serum call Glo Oil! It’s so simple and easy, I just added a few drops to my normal nightly skin routine.  It’s extremely moisturizing, so you could even replace it with your face lotion.  When I wake up in the morning it’s like waking up after a long day at the beach, sun kissed! It’s made by Kristin Taylor, owner and operator of Brown Suga Tans. This girl decided to step up the spray tan game and make her very own products. This makes my daily makeup look a dream. I put on my foundation or bb cream depending on the coverage I want, then brush some bronzer over my eyelids and cheeks. Last steps are to coat on the mascara and put on a natural gloss for the lips. The look is simple and could even be used for a night look by adding some false eyelashes. So glad I found this product just in time for summer. 

For Glo Oil and other Brown Suga products go to www.brownsugaspraytans.com

Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so it inspired me to write my truth. I am proud to be a self sufficient woman. I do not need a man to “take care” of  me, but honestly the desire is there. I am thirty years old, single, never been married, no children. To some women that sounds extremely appealing and exciting , but for me it isn’t. I am a strong woman who desires a strong man by her side. Being in the makeup industry it can become difficult because my job literally revolves around people getting married. People love to say “oh it’s just Gods plan” or my favorite “Gods timing is not always yours”, I totally get that, I’m a Christian. While I believe those things whole heartedly, thanks but, no thanks. Sometimes you just need a person to totally agree with you and say that sucks. Turning thirty was kind of hard for me, I thought to myself, this is not what I thought thirty would look like. I take each day for what it is and constantly try to become a better version of myself. This isn’t a desperate plea for a husband, I refuse to settle. This is just my reality. Honestly, with all the chaos in the world right now, I think a lot of women are scared to speak their truth. In today’s world women are being ridiculed for wanting simple standard things. I believe we should accept each others differences, I’m on your side. Who says I can’t be an extremely powerful woman, but also have a servant heart? Forget gender roles… it’s not about that, it’s about a heart willing to serve a man with his love language. I don’t want the wedding of a lifetime, but the marriage of a lifetime. I am a woman, I am thirty, I am single, l am independent, I desire more, and this is my truth. 



The eye of the beholder

 I believe we are all beautiful beings, we are made in God’s image, that’s amazing. With all of the hate that is spread across the world these days, I hope that this will give one glimmer of happiness. I encourage all people to be their own beautiful. Whatever version a person finds to be beautiful , rock it. Makeup, no makeup, plastic surgery, all natural, ROCK IT! I personally believe a heart is what makes humans beautiful. A kind heart and soul is a stunning. There isn’t a way to please everyone, someone will always disagree, but that’s what is amazing about “beauty”. It’s not up to everyone, it’s up to you, the eye of the beholder. If you are reading this, I encourage you to love and be kind! Not just today, but whenever you can. What a beautiful place this world would be if we could all learn to agree to disagree.


Laura 💋 #lnhface

I embrace my many different forms!