Today I’m not going to write about makeup, I’m going to write about a beautiful girl I call best friend or (maly, malp, Petry, Petry dish, little bit.) It’s very rare to have a friend that you’ve been close to since childhood, but I’m very lucky to say I have one. Mallory and I grew up on the same street and literally have known each other since we were in diapers. She is a rare breed… beauty, brains, poise, and kind! Our friendship isn’t perfect, we’ve been tested time and time again and we always remain. We’ve had ups and downs, but always forgive and love. We’ve had countless good times that continue now as we are adults!That’s what I think true friendship is…understanding that life isn’t perfect and we will make mistakes, but you have someone by your side. It’s so comforting to know I have someone like that, and it’s her Birthday today! So with that said.. Thank you Mallory for being there through it all, great times and bad times! I love you.. In tha mix since 86!
Laura 💋

6 products, 6 minutes

IMG_6422Ladies, just because you are rushed for time doesn’t mean you cannot look glamorous! Here are 6 products that take 6 minutes to apply.

  • They’re Real Mascara from Benefit (a must have for every woman)
  • Maybelline New York Eyestudio eyeliner
  • Mac eye shadow, color: Saddle
  • California Tan Bronzer
  • Nars blush
  • Nars Satin Lip Pencil, Color: Majella

It’s all so simple, start with a fresh face and then apply your moisturizer and foundation as usual. Then, I cover my entire lid with the eyeshadow blending up to my brow bone. After the eyeshadow, apply your eyeliner (i prefer a thicker line), but do whatever is natural and easy for you. Then, apply your mascara on the top and bottom lashes (for thicker lashes, simply apply several coats). I also like to line the bottom of my eyes with the eyeshadow, but thats totally optional! When you have your eyes finished, go in with the bronzer all over your face really hitting your cheeks, forehead, and nose. After you are bronzed to your desire apply the blush to your cheeks, really focus on your natural cheek bones. Finish the look off with a lipstick of your choice. Really BOLD lips are in this fall so i went for a darker lip. (try it, you’ll love it.) Remember that makeup is a learning process, so the more you practice and try new things the easier and quicker things will become! FullSizeRender



Define Those Eyes

From a smokey eye to cats eyes these two products are my favorite eyeliners! They are both maybelline products, and so inexpensive! I am all about saving a buck, but not if the quality of the product is compromised! I can assure you all that these two eyeliners are above and beyond! I prefer the eye studio that is applied with a brush. The eye studio has a very smooth texture that glides right on the eye. The master precise is a liquid pen. Some people find a pen easier to apply than a brush. Eyeliner is such an easy way to make eyes POP! No matter what look you are going for I urge you to try these products to enhance your eyes! Both products can be found at any drug store, target, or Walmart. Happy eye lining dolls!
Laura 💋

Cheap contouring!


Contouring your face is a great way to add depth and bring out your cheeks and jaw line. I love these products so much and they are so cheap! The concealer is Revlon photo ready which is about 8 dollars. The highlighter is elf and is ONLY 1 DOLLAR! The bronzer is California tan and is about 24 dollars. The concealer and highlight can be found at target and the bronzer I order it online(eBay has the best price!) To start the contour process prep your face with a nice moisturizer, then your foundation of choice. After that, go under the eyes with concealer, be generous with it bright eyes are a must! Then I do a fish face and go in with the bronzer on the cheeks using my natural bone line as a guide! Hit your jaw line and out line your nose with bronzer! Draw a line down your nose with the concealer and then conceal in between your eyebrows brushing it up towards your forehead and chin! After that, hit your hair line and temples with bronzer.. Blend all together. Then take the elf highlighter and put it on your nose and cheek bones! It’s a learning process, so just practice when you have free time and you will be a pro in no time! Happy contouring dolls!
Laura 💋

Maximum coverage for minimum price!

This is my favorite drug store product by far!! Revlon photo ready foundation is amazing. It can give you a medium to max coverage depending on how much you use. I compared this product to makeup forever HD foundation and it is nearly the same! Of course the best quality makeup is always more expensive, but with Revlon photo ready you can get that expensive look without breaking your budget! Makeup forever HD foundation will run you about 45 dollars as oppose to Revlon running at about 10 dollars. If you aren’t willing to splurge on your makeup this is without a doubt the best foundation. I encourage you all to try this product, you won’t regret it!
Laura 💋

Brighten up that face

imageWelcome to my makeup world! I’m so excited to share my thoughts, hints, and ideas with you all! I will post a look or helpful hint everyday! I am here to hopefully help each and every person who visits feel beautiful, more comfortable in their skin, and MAKEUP! Makeup is so fun and can be so easy to apply, stay tuned for more!


Laura #lnhface 💋