No makeup, makeup

The no makeup look is super popular this summer. I don’t know about yall, but I need makeup to achieve this look. Sounds so silly, but my skin isn’t even. I take care of my skin so it is clear, but I have discoloration! I have redness around my nose and some mornings my eyes are puffy and darker! I promise all of you, when you see this look on actresses and models they have on makeup too. Of course, start with a clean and fresh face. Foundation, concealer, and bronzer…. Just like that…. Flawless no makeup look! Completely even skin, with a bright glow! Moisturizer all over, the use a beauty blender to pat on foundation of your choice. Next, conceal under your eyes. Set the entire face with loose powder and hit the cheeks with bronzer. I also like to put clear eye drops in my eyes to make them clear and not so red. (That’s one of my favorite tricks) It brightens up your eyes and makes you look so fresh! Lastly, moisturizer your lips with a chap stick or Vaseline! Hope to see this trend on all you lovelies at some point this summer! 


Laura 💋 #lnhface 

My take on this trend…  

Models love this look…. 


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